Our Services


The team of the centre can give you information about the professional dental product most suitable for you, as well as tips for proper oral hygiene.

Orthodontic treatment

All orthodontic treatments, held in the centre, will be coordinated with Dr. Mazor. Treatment of all types of orthodontic anomalies, including early orthodontic treatment, impacted canine teeth, missing teeth, overbite.


Highly aesthetic and medical obturations (fillings), bonding of frontal teeth...


Professional laser teeth whitening, making braces for home whitening...

Children's dentistry

In a specially equipped children's room, children are treated in a non-stressful environment.

Treatment of periodontitis

Combined treatment, including tips on proper oral hygiene, diagnostics, if necessary, in Mi Plant (Germany), ultrasonic cleaning of tartar ...

Orthopaedic treatment

Making and placement of crowns and bridges, press - ceramic veneers, fibre bridge...

Surgical treatment

Highly specialized, it is performed by a surgeon. Extractions of teeth, retained wisdom - teeth, apical osteotomies, removal of cysts and placement of bone.

Implantological treatment

Diagnostics, preparation of a surgical guide and a treatment plan; placement of implants, sinus lift; grafting of bone; above-implant prosthetics.

Our objective

International dental centre MYsmile is a common project of Dr. Magdalena Nikolova (Bulgaria) and Dr. Yoav Mazor (Israel). Dr. Nikolova is currently the owner of dental clinic M Dent, town of Shumen, and Dr. Mazor is the owner of MYsmile clinic, Tel Aviv. Love of orthodontics, high technology and the pursuit of excellence in the profession connect them.

As Dr. Mazor is an international speaker and consultant of GC ortho (Japan) and Adenta (Germany), MYsmile is a clinic, representative of these two brands in Bulgaria. The clinic is also certified by Voco (Germany), which guarantees our patients high quality of the materials used. The dental centre also has the ambition and resources to be the "heart" of Europe for high-tech individualised orthodontics.