Equipment for sterilization

In order to guarantee you safe examination, all instruments go through an ultrasonic bath, are packed by a machine and autoclaved in the last generation of autoclave of Ritter (Germany). The turbines pass through a special machine for precise cleaning even in the hardest to reach places.

Chairs and units

Chairs and units of Ritter (Germany) and children's equipment of the highest class of Foshan

3-d scanner

3-d scanner Maestro (Italy) - for precise scanning of patterns and prints. It is used in the manufacturing of individual cad-cam braces, semi - individual braces, lingual braces, "invisible braces” - aligners, zirconium crowns and bridges

3-d printer

3-d printer - for printing of fingerprints, small dentures and crowns, implant guides

Biostar Scheu

Machine for thermoforming of aligners, retainers and whitening braces

Digital x-ray

Digital x-ray and sensor - in order to guarantee accurate diagnostics with minimum irradiation

Dental Vibe

Dental Vibe (USA) - the only one in Bulgaria - for painless placement of anaesthesia - removes the feeling and fear of pricking with a needle

Laser Dr Smile

High - energy diode laser Dr Smile (Italy) - with multiple applications in dental medicine

Air-flo Kavo

Air-flo Kavo (Germany) - deep cleansing of gingival pockets

Small equipment

Endomotor, magnifying glasses, gutaperk knife, digital ultrasound